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The Crucial Role of Precision Manufacturing in Aerospace

Delivering durable and dependable parts for the aerospace industry demands precision manufacturing. Pinnacle Precision is ready to deliver.

Aerospace is one of the most demanding and complex industries in the world. It’s also one of the largest and most lucrative, with a global market that exceeds $800 billion. 

With the safety of every aircraft reliant on its components, precision is paramount. So, everyday manufacturers must meet strict industry safety standards and produce precision parts, components, and assemblies, delivering durability and reliability. 

At Pinnacle Precision, we understand the care, craftsmanship, and accuracy required to deliver precision manufacturing for the aerospace industry. Our team boasts decades of experience delivering precision metal fabrication solutions for various cabin-to-cargo applications. We know the crucial role precision manufacturing plays in ensuring safety in the air. 

Plus, Pinnacle is AS9100 certified. We’ve developed stringent manufacturing and quality management standards to meet the requirements set by the International Aerospace Quality Group.  

In this article, we explore the process of precision in the aerospace industry and its importance in creating safe aircraft.

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What is precision manufacturing?

Precision manufacturing means creating parts and components with high accuracy and tight tolerances.

The latest digital technology, fabrication techniques, and machinery consistently produce highly accurate and reliable parts, components, and assemblies. 

The process typically involves several steps, including design, prototyping, testing, and production, focusing on minimizing errors and ensuring that the final product meets all specifications and requirements.

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The importance of precision manufacturing in the aerospace industry

Precision is everything in aerospace, with every aircraft’s safety and efficiency depending on its parts’ quality and precision.

With even the slightest errors or inaccuracies in measurements, calculations, or design having the potential to cause catastrophic consequences, precision is vital to ensuring the safety of passengers, crew, and equipment.

The importance of precision begins during the design phase. It stretches into manufacturing since even a minor defect can cause significant safety concerns, such as critical aerospace components failing, loss of control, or even catastrophic accidents. 

Navigation and control systems are crucial for safe and efficient in-flight operations, especially when monitoring fuel consumption, temperature, and pressure can prevent system failures and emergencies.

Cargo, galley, and seating manufacturing are equally essential to get right since every inch and ounce of a plane is accounted for when it comes to safe planning and flight. 

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Delivering precision through aerospace CNC manufacturing

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining offers manufacturers unparalleled precision during fabrication and is perfect for producing highly accurate aerospace components at high volumes. 

With specialized tooling, CNC centers handle many raw materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. 

Aerospace manufacturing relies heavily on CNC-powered machines to produce critical components that meet strict performance and safety standards.

Manufacturers use CNC fabrication to produce these parts:

  1. Engine Components: CNC machine centers produce turbine blades, compressor disks, and combustion chambers. These components must be machined to extremely tight tolerances to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.


  1. Structural Components: Manufacturers leverage the power of CNC machining to produce wing ribs, bulkheads, and fuselage frames. These components must fit together correctly and provide strength and stiffness.


  1. Landing Gear Components: CNC machining produces landing gear components like wheels, brakes, and struts. These components must withstand high loads and extreme conditions for safe and reliable operation. Precision machining to exact specifications is a must. 


  1. Avionics Components: The hardware components for instrument panels, brackets, and mounts must withstand the vibrations and shocks associated with flight. Fabricating those components with precision happens via CNC machining.


  1. Cabin to Cargo Components: Aircraft are designed with accuracy down to the millimeter, making it essential that every component from cabin to cargo is exact. CNC machines take away the guesswork and deliver consistently precise parts.
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The materials used in aerospace CNC fabrication

Because the parts, components, and assemblies used in aerospace must withstand extreme environments, from temperature to material pressures, it’s essential to use durable and dependable raw materials. Further, these materials must be strong enough to deliver complex forms and intricate shapes used from cabin to cargo.

Titanium and Kovar are preferred materials due to their superior properties. Other materials and alloys used in aerospace CNC fabrication include aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze, and some plastics, but their use depends on the part’s specific requirements.

In addition to fabrication capabilities, manufacturing companies need expertise in finishing the parts used in aerospace applications. Hardening, powder coating, and painting are just some of the precision finishing techniques for this industry.

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Aerospace manufacturing certifications

Given the critical nature of every part and how it’s produced for aerospace use, regulations, and standards are some of the most rigorous in the manufacturing industry.

Developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group, the AS9100 certification ensures that aerospace companies use precision fabrication techniques and adhere to regulatory compliance. 

Developing processes to become AS9100 certified, and maintaining those standards, is essential for any manufacturing company delivering precision parts used by aerospace companies.

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Delivering a new level of aerospace manufacturing precision

Pinnacle Precision meets and exceeds the aerospace industry’s stringent standards and quality requirements. Our teams work closely with leading aerospace companies across Southern California and the nation to develop solutions and deliver parts, components, and assemblies. We are an AS9100-certified manufacturer.

Pinnacle’s experts in aerospace manufacturing include programmers, manufacturers, finishers, and assemblers with decades of experience. We also have expertise in aerospace-grade alloys, finishes, and hardening requirements to support leading aerospace manufacturers.

Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.