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Sheet Metal

Pinnacle boasts several CNC-powered multi-axis mills that produce sheet metal parts and metal components to the tightest tolerances used by medical, aerospace, defense, communications, technology & information, entertainment, and renewable energy companies. Our Technical and Production professionals leverage their experience and expertise to deliver precise parts that last.

General Dimensional Tolerances

Dimension Range

DIM ≤ 8″ [203mm]
8″ [203mm] < DIM ≤ 16″[406mm]
16″[406mm] < DIM ≤ 36″[914mm]

Edge to Edge,
Hole to Hole,
Edge to Hole on Flat

± 0.005″ [0.13mm]
± 0.010″ [0.25mm]
± 0.015″ [0.38mm]

Edge to Hole to Bend

± 0.010″ [0.25mm]
± 0.015″ [0.38mm]
± 0.020″ [0.38mm]

Bend to Bend

± 0.020″ [0.51mm]
± 0.020″ [0.51mm]
± 0.030″ [0.76mm]

Angular Tolerance


The tools we use for

Precision machining

The production floor at Pinnacle Precision’s 73,000-square-foot facility boasts nine machining centers, which enables us to deliver accurate parts in a fast-paced environment. Partnered with Pinnacle’s Technical and Production crew, these machines allow us to form a variety of sheet metal grades to the tightest tolerances.

  • (1) 5-axis machining center
  • (8) CNC vertical machining centers

General Machining Tolerances

machine tolerance analysis
how we deliver

The Pinnacle process

Customers from leading medical, aerospace, information and communications technology, energy, and entertainment companies come to Pinnacle Precision because they’ve experienced a new level of precision. 

Our teams boast decades of experience, working with product sizes ranging from inches to yards and a broad range of sheet metal alloys and finishes. 

Each project that comes into Pinnacle’s Southern California headquarters receives the highest level of attention. Our Customer Support team excels in translating customer needs into actionable plans for our Technical, Production, and Quality Assurance teams. 

Our manufacturing experts utilize CNC laser cutting and punch presses for precise sheets that are then delivered to our machining, forming, welding, and finishing departments. From there, we help our customers with assembly, hardware installation, and seal applications before Pinnacle’s quality assurance team carefully looks at the final product. 

The difference between Pinnacle and any other company is our team-forward integrated approach and solutions-first mentality. We look forward to proving our promise to you.

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a question we get:

What are the benefits of multi-axis machines in sheet metal machining?

Multi-axis machining centers, like the ones on the Pinnacle Precision production floor, are essential in fabricating precision sheet metal parts because they offer our Production team greater accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency.

We utilize multi-axis machines to produce sheet metal parts with complex designs found in components our customers in the medical, aerospace, and energy industries use.

These machines perform drilling, milling, tapping, and threading operations efficiently because there’s only one setup.

Pinnacle Precision is a big believer in multi-axis machines thanks to the speed, accuracy, efficiency, and savings realized when we leverage these machines.

The industries we serve

Who relies on us for precision CNC machining services?

Pinnacle Precision manufactures parts used across the world’s most advanced and vital industries, including medical, aerospace, information & communications, energy, and entertainment. Our advanced approach to every capability means that parts created here can withstand the harshest environments and look good year after year.

solar panel and wind mill

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