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Pinnacle Precision team photo outside of office

Celebrating 50 Years at the Top

It’s a long road from the sheet metal fabrication business our founders started in 1973 to the precision metal solutions partner we’ve grown into at Pinnacle Precision. Yet, the bedrock of customer satisfaction, precision, on-time delivery, and partnership they built the business on 50 years ago remain. 

Our history starts with Don Wright and Ed Randolph, who opened D&E Precision Sheet Metal in 1973. D&E provided sheet metal prototyping and manufacturing for companies across Southern California, delivering parts and assemblies for commercial and residential clients.

As the company’s reputation grew, so did its opportunities. Clients in the aerospace, medical, and technology industries began ringing the phones at D&E. Wright and Randolph invested in additional machines and hired knowledgeable, expert manufacturers. Other capabilities, including painting and silkscreening, came into the fold.

The year 2008 was a watershed moment in the company’s history as our name changed to Pinnacle Precision Sheet Metal, and we moved to the 73,000-square-foot facility where we still make our home. 

Customer satisfaction, precision, on-time delivery, and partnership remained our watchwords as we delivered sheet metal cutting, punching, forming, machining, welding, grinding, finishing, and quality assurance services. 

In its early days, the company’s fabricators delivered a broad range of parts and assemblies. Each day brought a new project into the facility, from high-end barbecues to frames clients used for computer servers to designer mailboxes.

Experience and technical capacity enabled the company to produce more precise parts used from cabin to cargo for aerospace clients, lighting rigs and frames for people in the entertainment industry, and components used by medical equipment manufacturers. 

A strong level of communication and trust between the technical, production, finishing, and QA teams is one of Pinnacle’s main strengths. Part of that is the longevity of key personnel in every department and their ability and willingness to share knowledge with the next generation of employees. Indeed, 20 employees have worked here for 25 or more years. 

The Partner Companies acquired Pinnacle Precision Sheet Metal in 2022, adding the company to its ever-expanding suite of capabilities that ranges from photochemical etching to injection molded plastics.

In 2023, the company underwent a complete brand overhaul, including a new logo, website, messaging, and strategy. At the same time, Pinnacle’s customer service department instituted Paperless Parts to give its customers a smoother process, and its technical team expanded to offer greater solutions-based service.

Each step of the process has given Pinnacle the experience and confidence to prove that it’s defining and delivering a new level of precision.

The company’s longevity is thanks to the loyalty of our customers, suppliers, and employees. The past 50 years are just the beginning. We can’t wait to see what’s next.